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Vashti Ataya

Author of “MEMORIES, Chronicles of a Grateful Life”
– available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Vashti Ataya, author of “MEMORIES, Chronicles of a Grateful Life,” is delighted to present her Autobiographical Fiction series, “The Story of Verna Louise Williams, OVERCOMING.” As a single parent of two daughters, as well as a birth mother who brokenheartedly gave up for adoption a daughter conceived via rape, Vashti tells her story through her fictional avatar, Verna. Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, persistent problems, and despairing difficulties,

Vashti’s true life story, a birth mother’s story, is one of overcoming adversities through a deep Christian faith, led by her trust in God’s Guidance – a Guidance always leading to green pastures, still waters, and healing restoration. An accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter, and storyteller – both through the written word and live performance – Vashti entertained thousands across the United States with her husband, Noah LeVia, also a performer and writer. She lives with him in Mesa, Arizona.

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