Introducing "Memories"
from author, Vashti Ataya

Vashti Ataya’s first book chronicles her earliest memories from infancy to young adulthood. Reared in a military family with solid Christian foundations and family values, Vashti’s formative years were shaped in rural Oklahoma as well as in Germany and Panama, places and spaces of extraordinary memories. Vashti’s trust in God’s Guidance formed early and deep in her young life. Savor the stories and enjoy memoirs of a life well lived, these Chronicles of a Grateful Life. “MEMORIES” provides a reference foundation for Vashti’s five-book Autobiographical Fiction Series, “The Story of Verna Louise Williams, OVERCOMING,” also featured on this website.

“…(MEMORIES is) a beautiful picture of life…a clear, expressive, and eloquent narrative that is beautifully written…a woman’s journey of embracing the life God has given her.” – Salem Author Services

“A great book with many values and lessons learned as a child!!! A great read!!!” – Author Vikki McRaven. Mesa AZ

"Those Who Wish to Sing Always Find a Song"
Swedish Proverb

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Loveshine Books, co-authored by Vashti Ataya and Noah LeVia, strive to inspire, uplift, and strengthen the human spirit. Within the pages of Loveshine Books are stories of miracles and angels, humor and sadness, and valleys of despair as well as mountains of triumph.


About the Author, Vashti Ataya