About Vashti Ataya

V ashti Ataya, an extremely talented stage performer, puppeteer, and storyteller, is thrilled to present her Autobiographical Fiction Series of "The Story of Verna Louise Williams, OVERCOMING."

A gifted author, songwriter, and composer, she created numerous songs heard by thousands in her appearances across the United States. As co-writer of "The World's Wonderland," a radio show series which was broadcast on Seattle Public Radio, she created memorable characters and storylines. She enjoys the art of crocheting. An avid reader, she is inspired by authors such as J.K. Rowling, Diana Gabaldon, Sarah Agnes Prine, and Stephen King. Vashti lives in Arizona with her co-author husband, Noah LeVia, also a performer.

A creative team whose talents meld like jigsaw puzzle pieces or photographic pixels to form a complete whole, Noah LeVia and Vashti Ataya are co-authors of Loveshine Books. Co-writers of original songs and stories, a Seattle Public Radio series "The World's Wonderland," and adaptations of classic fairy tales, Noah and Vashti performed as the professional entertainment team of "The StorySingers" for several years. Combining storytelling, music, and puppetry, they appeared nationwide in venues such as schools, churches, community events, and performing art centers. They are delighted to present their Loveshine Books through Xulon Press.